Leads and prospects

Leads and prospects are managed from the "Leads" tab in the marketing section. You can capture leads using forms you can place on your website, or by entering it manually. All leads are shown in a list as seen below:

Clicking on the lead's name, will open the full lead view.

In the lead view you can add comments and schedule follow-ups. You can also send an Email invite to sign-up online (from "Invite to sign-up" button), or convert the lead into a regular member profile (using the "Convert to member" button).

Clicking on the "Create Lead" button on the leads list screen allows you to enter a prospect manually.

Setting up Email capture forms on your website

You can create different forms to capture different types of leads on your website, such as a "14-day free trial", or "Join our kids program". Email capture forms can be used on the gym website we provide through our software, or on your existing website if you have one.

Lead capture forms are managed in the "Website" section, under the "Forms" tab.

You have many options you can customize when creating a capture form:

  • Title: The title of the form is shown on the lead details screen, and helps you know the purpose this person has entered their contact information for. Use meaningful titles, such "14-day free trial" to easily tell the forms apart.
  • Description: An optional field that allows you to add a paragraph next to the form on the website to describe its purpose.
  • Button text: The text inside of the form submit button. Try to use strong call-to-actions inside of the button to encourage submission.
  • Show form: You can pick to have the form show up as a popup, with a small fixed button to open it, or inside of a specific page on the site.
  • Form fields: You can customize the form fields, as well as add additional ones.
  • Captcha: To prevent spammers from using automated bots to fill up your form, you can have the form show a "captcha" - an image with characters that a human can easily copy, but makes it harder for bots to submit successfully.

To use one of your forms on an external website, click the "Embed" link in the website forms list to generate a code you can put on your pages.

Follow the instructions on the page to add the form to your website.