Skills Tracking

You can create a skills library that can be used for setting up your schedule, tracking progress in skills for ranking purposes, and provide a useful resource for members to review their attendance history.

The Skills Library

The first step is to set up your skills library. Go to "Gym" -> "Programs" from the main menu, and then click on the "Skills" tab.

Click on the "Add Skill" button to bring up the skills editor popup:

Here's a list of the properties you can customize:

  • Title: The name of the skill, which would appear anywhere the skill is shown (on the schedule, in the promotion report, etc)
  • Measure: You can track skill progression in a couple of ways: By the number of sessions the member has trained the skill, the amount of repetitions the member has done, or by the time duration the member has trained the skill (or workout).
  • Category: To help you organize your skills, you can create different categories such "Throws", "Pins", "Guard pass", etc.
  • Program: Another way to organize your skills is by the programs you have set up.
  • Visible on gym schedule: You can assign skills to sessions on the skills to track progression when members check-in to those sessions. You can determine whether the skills will show up on the schedule as well, allowing members to preview what skills will be worked on the near future when looking at the schedule.
  • Description: You can add textual description of the skill or a demonstration video that would allow members to review the skill they learned when going over their attendance history in their account.

Once you're done adding your skills, your library should look similar to this:

Assigning Skills To Promotion Requirements

Once you created your skills library, you can assign skills as promotion requirements for the ranks in your different programs.

First, check the "Skills Requirements" box in the "Promotion Requirements" section of the program you are setting up.

You should now see a "Skills" button for each rank in the "Promotion Requirements" column.

This would open up the skills popup for assigning skill requirements for each rank:

Once selecting a skill, you can set the exact number of sessions / reps / minutes required for promotion.

Next, we need to assign skills to sessions on the schedule, to allow skills to be tracked through the attendance tracking feature. Learn more about assigning skills to the schedule.